Q: What is the AQUACISER?

A: State of the art hydrotherapy aptly describes the AQUACISER.  Temperature regulated water coupled with hydro-jets and a treadmill provide a medium for the rehabilitative process.


Q: What exactly does the AQUACISER do?

A: The AQUACISER uses water's natural buoyancy and resistance to provide a safe and comfortable therapeutic environment.  Patients otherwise limited by pain, weakness, or weight-bearing restrictions can begin to develop strength much earlier in the rehabilitative process.  Water temperature and depth as well

as the treadmill belt direction and speed can be adjusted to the individual patient.


Q: Who can benefit from using the AQUACISER?

A: People with the following conditions:

  • Joint Replacement

  • Arthritis

  • Sports Injuries

  • Orthopedic Injuries

  • Chronic Pain

  • Neurological Impairments (MS, Stroke, etc)

  • Gait Dysfunctions

  • And many more


Q: How do I get into the AQUACISER?

A: Two steps bring you into the AQUACISER.  Once comfortably seated in the exercise chamber, the chamber is then filled with warm water.


Q: Will my insurance cover AQUACISER treatments?

A: Medicare and most private insurance cover aquatic therapy.


Q: How is the AQUACISER cleaned?

A: The AQUACISER has an automatic chlorine system which ensures a sanitized water supply.  Daily testing of the water supply and disinfecting of the exercise chamber is done after each patient use.