Social Services

Social workers can be the key to promoting improvement in quality of life domains by building on the person-in-environment perspective; implementing environmental interventions; using knowledge of group process to build resident, staff and family involvement; addressing end-of-life and discharge planning needs all from within a resident centered context and by ongoing involvement in continuous quality improvement efforts.


Clove Lakes social workers embrace a quality of life concept and are responsible for promoting and protecting resident rights.  As part of the interdisciplinary team the social workers help to facilitate a climate that provides residents with the highest practical level of physical, mental and psychosocial well being. 


Staff  provides a constellation of social, mental health and emotional services to residents and their families addressing  psychosocial concerns that includes mental health disorders, as well as a range of issues with more obvious social dimensions, including loss of relationships, loss of personal control and identity and adjustment to the facility.


In fulfillment of their primary duties and responsibilities the social worker exercises professional judgment in carrying out a variety of activities that includes advocacy, support and education with regard to the following relevant domains:


•    resident comfort and  sense of security

•    enjoyment, relationships, meaningful activity and functional competence,

•    individuality, privacy, autonomy and dignity

•    spiritual well-being


We believe this enables residents to maximize their individuality, independence and dignity and aids in preserving quality of life for our residents.


All staff in Social Services are required to have professional qualifications.

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